The Gawler Retreat

I have to admit, I might have had it in my head that my treatment was done, and it was over between me and the big C, but after arriving at The Gawler Foundation, and meeting people with their first or second recurrence of cancer, those thoughts were well and truly put to bed.

It was an intensive course of meditation, Qi Gong, nutrition, emotional work, and ruminations on life and death, all guided by the steady hands of the most amazing counselors I have ever met.  I have never encountered people who I consider to be enlightened beings until now.  So unbelievably connected, and so real.  They are spiritual teachers in the truest sense, with no pretense, no dogma and no bullshit.  Just practical evidence based information backed by decades of experience and hard work.

As amazing as these teachers were, it was the other participants who really made this experience for me.  These are people from many different backgrounds, are going through the worst times of their lives, but ready to take it on with bravery and commitment.  I am sure I will keep in touch with many of these people for the rest of my life.

This has inspired me to make definite changes in my own life - to really look at my diet and ensure I am eating the healthiest food possible, to reinvigorate my own meditation practice, and to live as consciously as I can.

I think in a strange way I am lucky to have had cancer, as it has allowed me to see the love and support I have in my family, friends and the world as a whole, and to have profound experiences such as this.  I honestly did not expect to have my worldview so strongly affected.