Reflections of Infinity

Infinity gives me the willies.  

Well at least the idea of it does.  Let me give you an example, and please forgive me if this delves too far into the land of computer nerdery.  There is an open source computer project known as GNU, which stands for GNU’s Not UNIX.  This is known as a recursive joke.  One evening, while biking home from work and for no particular reason, my mind latched onto this escher like acronym and seemed to imagine itself softly fluttering through thousands upon thousands of iterations of this troublesome phrase.  In computer programming terms there is the Stack Overflow - an error that occurs when a computer attempts to access memory that it doesn’t have.  A primary cause of the Stack Overflow is a process or function that calls on itself over and over.  Furthermore, you really don’t want to stack or overflow while riding your bike through busy traffic on a dark autumn night!

Now, have you ever found yourself lying in bed, and thought to yourself, isn’t it just incredible, like totally amazing, as in absolutely profoundly wonderful that the universe exists, and I’m here in it, and I can lie here and comprehend and wonder about it all?  Then the question of “Why does this magnificent and infinite universe even exist?” comes up, and once more my mind rolls over itself again and again until it crashes through an event horizon of comprehension, down into a black hole of existential angst, fluttering through infinite iterations of “But why?”  I try to empty my mind and wait for an answer to open itself to me, like the thousand petaled lotus flower, but it never does.  

Maybe next time eh?