Yoga Teacher Training Begins

Last weekend I started my first weekend of yoga teacher training. It’s divided into 10 weekend sessions over the course of a year, with assignments and personal yoga practice making up the rest. After 2 days of getting up at 6am and attending 8 hours of lectures each day I was exhausted, but exhilarated at the same time. It was an intensive on the cardiovascular system, working with children and teenagers, backbends, and the anatomy of the neck, chest and shoulders. Even with the depth of knowledge displayed by the teachers, I’m a bit daunted, and I feel that even...

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The Neuroscience of Meditation

I've just watched this presentation from the last Consciousness Hackers meetup in San Francisco. It gets a bit technical, but there are also a couple of really powerful meditations in there. I urge you to fire it up and close your other browser tabs for the hour it takes to watch it!

The Gawler Retreat

I have to admit, I might have had it in my head that my treatment was done, and it was over between me and the big C, but after arriving at The Gawler Foundation, and meeting people with their first or second recurrence of cancer, those thoughts were well and truly put to bed.

Reflections of Infinity

Infinity gives me the willies.  

Recovering from Surgery.

It's been around 6 months since I had my stomach removed.  Even though the staff at Peter Mac are truly amazing, I'll always remember it as the worst time of my life.  After the surgery, they found blood clots in one of my lungs, and prescribed clexane to thin my blood.  A day later my other lung collapsed.  The doctors put in some tubes to drain my lung, but it was ineffective, so I needed another surgery to clear out...